Bench pic

Solid wood garden bench approx 4ft (1.2m) Seat 17″ (43cm) deep, back 3ft (90cm) high

All pressure treated timber all sanded and cut edges preservative treated.

Can be painted to order (Cuprinol Garden shades)

Wide arms to hold drinks or plates.

Custom door sign.

Guitar shaped and personalised door sign. Made from Ash and mahogany. Danish oil finish.

Guitar sign
Custom door sign

I am currently attending most markets ad hoc so not much point putting them here just now.

My one regular spot is Llanyravon Manor Rural market in Cwmbran on the last Sunday of every month. The manor itself is worth a visit with a nice tea room and there are outdoor events throughout the year some of which the market coincides with.

There are between 10 and 30 stalls attending this market at various times with the most stalls being from September to December.

Well worth a visit if you have a free Sunday afternoon and fancy a little fresh air.

Checking stall layout for market Nov 2017

It’s been a while since I posted a blog but things have changed a lot so here we go.

Initially I was laid up with health problems for a couple of months in 2017, as per usual it was through the busy months of July and August, sods’s law being what it is.

On returning to work I then suffered another setback when my workshop was hit by a falling tree which demolished one side. This rendered my workshop unusable and I was limited to making small items in my converted bedroom workshop (not a good idea for you married guys, good job I am single  haha)

Limited funds and limited mobility made the job of rebuilding a slow and lengthy process however, as with all effort the results were better than expected.

An extra 4 ft in length allows more work area and extra tools to be used and the addition of a suspended floor for more comfort made it worthwhile in the end. Still a bit of snagging to do but almost there.

Raised vegetable planter with rear growing support (25mm chicken wire) Various sizes from 1 metre long x 75cm high (planting depth aprox 30cm) and 50cm front to rear. Support height approx 1.2m One shown £75 is 1.8m long x 73cm high x 50cm front to back. Support height 1.2m x 1.8m length. Pressure treated timber, plastic lined and divided into 2 halves.

Wooden planter stand for that favourite planter you want to show off. Made to various shapes and sizes. Pressure treated timber and sturdily built to last.

Can be painted to order. Cuprinol ©Garden shades or regular fence paint colours

From £20


Potting / watering / general purpose garden table,  A sturdy garden work table / bench. Top and bottom shelf. Removable lined tray ideal for filling pots of compost or soaking plants and compost before planting / potting.

Approx 47 in wide by 33 in high by 15 in front to back. Pressure treated timber and painted cedar red (other colours available. Can be made to other sizes.

Without tray from £40

With removeable tray from £80

Novelty wall clock featuring wine glasses in place of numerals. Pine wood with natural satin varnished finish and coloured as shown. A fun novelty clock for the wine lover in your household.

Price £15

Country style rope hung wall clock. Aprrox 30cm x 30cm. Available in various colours (one shown is cuprinol shades forget me not) Battery operated (1 x AA included) with clear easy to see white numerals.

Wood grain and finished colour may differ slightly according to wood used.

Price £20