Brr what happened to Spring ?

Ok, it officially been spring since March. It would seem someone forgot to tell the weather that though. Chilly and windy weather so far though a few sunny days this week. Plants are slow to grow at the moment and a lookout for frost still worth mentioning.

New planters and new plants available at Brynmawr market every Saturday 8.30 to 12 (ish).

Almost Spring

March is here and still it’s cold. Rain freezing temperatures and high winds continue to make our lives a misery.

Well the good news is spring is on the way, so I’m told haha. I for one will be glad to see the end to the winter weather should it happen. Going by previous years though I won’t be putting my wellies away just yet. 

Nameplate 4

 Pink stars and name in scripted text (not a misspelling ! )Solid wood, Light oak stain finish and lacquered. Made to order just £20

Can be drilled for cord hanging ( top corners) or drilled for screw fixing ( end centres) 

Caring for wood

When you buy garden items they look very nice but after a hard summer and maybe even harder winter they need a little tlc.

Varnished items need the most care. Most of these tend to be ordinary softwood and varnish has been applied as an exterior protection. The problem with varnish is that once it starts to peel you need to act quickly.

Sand down flaking areas and apply at least 2 coats of varnish and then sand and varnish the whole item to restore the protection.

Sawn wood. I.e fencing panels, picket gates fence posts. These tend to have an unsanded sometimes rough surface. Care for these is a little easier as they basically just need to be given a quick brush to remove dirt / debris/ loose material and then painted with a suitable fence paint.  This should ideally be done every 2 to 3 years.

Other painted / treated timber. Painted items should be checked each year and washed down with soapy water to remove accumulated dirt, paying special attention to jointed areas where debris can accumulate. Make sure all debris is removed and then repaint if needed.

Oiled / stained woods. This is the easiest to maintain. Woods oiled with Teak oil or Danish oil merely need to be washed down to remove debris, dried and a fresh coat of oil applied. Generally these oils are used on hardwood which is naturally water resistant so this is merely a cosmetic exercise.

Dark oak Window box

 A solid wood pressure treated window box. Fully lined and stained a dark oak colour. Size approx 56cm L x 20 cm W  x 15 cm H.  available in different colours / styles and can be made to other sizes. Price from £15

Discounts are available for multiple purchases on this item please ring for details.

Pink Window box

 Pink window box. Solid pressure treated timber and fully lined. Size approx 56cm L x 15cm W  X 20cm H. Colour Fuschia ( B%Q colour range) Plants not included. Price from £15

Discounts are available for multiple purchases of this item. Please ring for details.

New website

Well it’s been a hectic couple of days. Finding my old website not working I decided on a total revamp. Late nights and long days and it is beginning to look like a real website at last.  Being a little tight fisted ( yes really only a little !  ) I went through the process myself using WordPress, a free website builder. Highly recommended for anyone who has the time and inclination to spend a few hours learning. I hope you like the end result.

Doll’s Cradle 2

 Rocking doll’s cradle. Made with quality softwood sanded to a smooth finish. Available in assorted colours. Supplied with mattress and bedding (thank you Annie) Bedding can vary from that shown. £35

This item can be personalised with a child or doll’s name or graphics. Please ring for details and price.