Welcome to Al’s Woodcraft’s website. The aim of the site is mainly to showcase  my products and commissions  so you get an idea of the range of products I can provide. 

My aim is to provide bespoke but affordable  products with the unique advantage that almost everything can be personalised in some way. From a wooden gate with your house name or number engraved to a fancy wooden sign or plaque. 

Investment in a cnc milling machine and software allows me to create many wonderful items and engrave them with your specific requirements. A name a date or both. A wedding, an anniversary ( 5th wedding anniversary is wood by the way ) any kind of gift for any occasion.

 CNC engraved wood  can be repainted, sanded, revarnished  and never lose that verse or greeting you carefully chose unlike laser or pyrography etched items.

Fed up of generic terms like brother, sister wife or husband ? have real names engraved with a real message give something that unique personal touch.