New workshop

It’s been a while since I posted a blog but things have changed a lot so here we go.

Initially I was laid up with health problems for a couple of months in 2017, as per usual it was through the busy months of July and August, sods’s law being what it is.

On returning to work I then suffered another setback when my workshop was hit by a falling tree which demolished one side. This rendered my workshop unusable and I was limited to making small items in my converted bedroom workshop (not a good idea for you married guys, good job I am single  haha)

Limited funds and limited mobility made the job of rebuilding a slow and lengthy process however, as with all effort the results were better than expected.

An extra 4 ft in length allows more work area and extra tools to be used and the addition of a suspended floor for more comfort made it worthwhile in the end. Still a bit of snagging to do but almost there.