Most of the wood we used is locally sourced from home grown timber. Pine and redwood being the most common. All this timber is FRC certified and from verifiable sources.


Some items are made from recycled timber. This can include old pallets, recycled doors and other furniture. This can be a mix of both hardwood and softwoods when available.


Hardwoods are available on an ‘as available’ basis. As it is sourced locally (Usk) it is a matter of what and when trees are felled. Hardwoods can include Cherry, Oak, Sycamore, Elm, Ash and other lesser known species. 


All woods for outdoor use are generally pressure treated tanalised timber. This has the advantage of prolonging the lifespan of the items and in some cases lowering maintenance requirements. This timber is fine for vegetable planters and or  vegetable plots as no  or very little leaching of chemicals has been detected during testing and certification for use.  This timber should NOT be burned if requiring disposal, instead it should be taken to the local waste transfer station for recycling.

Paint / varnishes / other finishes.

Most outdoor paints and indoor varnishes are low VOC and water based and produce little environmental impact. Outdoor varnishes tend to be solvent based and are used only when necessary to ensure garden furniture has an extended life with low maintenance.